Skincare innovators

With innovative formulas, MANTLE is the Scandinavian skincare sensation transforming skin on a cellular level. By fusing forward-thinking natural actives in their Swedish laboratory, MANTLE creates award-winning products, highlighting individual expression. 

Transforming skin

MANTLE’s award-winning formulas have rapidly reached cult-status among skincare enthusiasts. Developed in their own Swedish laboratory, MANTLE’s formulas incorporate a wide variety of innovative, biomimetic ingredients, creating skincare that transforms skin on a cellular level. The forward-thinking ingredient combinations and delivery methods allow the products to penetrate all layers of the skin, strengthen the skin barrier, and deliver maximal results with minimal irritation. With versatile, multi-functional formulas, each product is easy to use, mix, match and adapt - making it simple to find a routine that elevates your skin.

Our story

Josefin, a tech trailblazer and unicorn founder, became known for bringing innovation to disruptive start-ups spanning diverse industries. Driven by a lifelong passion for skincare and yearning for a new challenge, she met branding expert and co-founder Stina. 

United by their desire for results-driven skincare that wasn’t fueled by judgement and ageism, they founded MANTLE – venturing into uncharted beauty-innovation terrain. 

In an industry fixated on imperfections and rejuvenation, MANTLE has created a brand in which the products elevate skin, encourage self-expression, and honour your right to age.

Elevated by cannabis

At the core of all MANTLE formulations is the cannabis extract CBD. While personally experiencing the many benefits this powerful antioxidant can have on skin and well-being, MANTLE’s founders also realised the vast difference in quality between CBD… and CBD. 

The organic, broad-spectrum CBD used in all MANTLE products is of the highest possible quality and potency. Cultivated on a small-scale farm in Switzerland, the cannabis leaves are sun-grown and hand-picked during an annual three-day window when the CBD has reached its maximum potential. 

The raw CBD elixir is then extracted using a state-of-the-art CO2 technique, ensuring that all valuable nutrients are maintained in the process. Long-praised and tested for its antioxidative properties and ability to combat the negative effects of free radicals, CBD in skincare promotes calmer, clearer and more resilient skin.